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Frequently Asked Questions

Management of corporate and large consumption accounts?

Please contact our corporate team for more information. With this service, you will receive free bill validation and specialist account management tailored to the needs of your business. In order to achieve the best pricing, corporate accounts undergo a lengthy process due to the many variables, such as KVA charges. To contact our team, please fill out our form or call 0800 130 3412.

What are the most energy-intensive UK businesses?

In the UK, our domestic energy use accounts for only one-quarter of total energy consumption. Business energy and transport energy make up the remaining three-quarters. Here are the most energy-consuming sectors and the utility sources they use:

Which method is used to measure energy?

Business energy sectors will be compared using the ‘KTOE’ unit, which means ‘kilotonne of oil equivalent’. A report published by the Office of National Statistics in July 2018 contains all the information.

The results

– Private offices – 3,539 ktoe

– Chemical manufacturing – 2,874 ktoe

– Hospitality – 2,458 ktoe

– Food products manufacturing – 2,242 ktoe

– Hospitals – 2,237 ktoe

– Non-metallic mineral manufacturing 1,924 ktoe

– Basic metals manufacturing – 1,489 ktoe

– Rubber and plastic manufacturing – 1,442 ktoe

– Small shops – 1,376 ktoe

– Paper products manufacturing – 1,297 ktoe

According to the results, the use of small machines is less energy efficient than the use of large, industrial machines. Among the most energy-intensive office equipment are computers, photocopiers, network hubs, projectors, and phones, while making paper to stock these offices consumes the least. Due to its intense heat requirements, chemical processing ranks high on the list, while simpler industrial processes like rubber are significantly less energy-intensive. UK energy prices have a large impact on the country’s consumption, even for small businesses.

What are the benefits of comparing business energy prices?

Cost comparison for business energy is a time-consuming process. It is difficult to arrange the best deal for your business if you don’t have the correct contacts and knowledge. If you search online, you may find generic offers that are not up-to-date with comparison sites. You may encounter problems later if your energy tariff is not tailored to your business. By speaking with our account managers, we can ensure that you get the best commercial energy deal.

When it comes to powering my business, why should I choose Energy Bureau?

The majority of our customers tell us that time is a precious commodity and that running a business is challenging. The process of researching, negotiating, and agreeing on the best energy contracts with suppliers can take a lot of time and effort. Energy Bureau’s extensive research allows us to analyse the energy market for competitive prices due to the depth and breadth of our research. We have access to bespoke energy offers and savings due to our “Premier” status and strong relationships.

Allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business.

It seems that there are many companies that offer similar services?

In the current market, there are many third-party intermediaries serving customers to get the most competitive energy contracts. The options for Brokers and Consultants can be overwhelming, but at Energy Bureau, we believe our customers know best and their opinion matters most. According to Trustpilot, an independent customer review platform, we currently rank in the top percentile of satisfied customers within our market with a score of 4.9 (out of 5). As a result of our Premier status, our suppliers endorse our approach.

Is it possible to get cheap business energy deals?

Prices for business energy are constantly changing and generally rising. Energy prices have increased across the board by around 15% since 2016. You will be able to save money for your business by using an energy broker that has access to the best, live prices. In an effort to find the most competitive business energy deal, some companies sign contracts with suppliers that can cause them problems in the future. Therefore, the cheap offer is no longer cheap! By accessing a broker’s knowledge of the sector, you can ensure that your business energy is safely tied in.

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