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Whether a local restaurant or large manufacturer, our dedicated energy brokers are the experts when it comes to reducing your business energy costs – UK Energy Bureau will always aim to get you the best price possible in the market.

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At UK Energy Bureau, we pride ourselves on developing business energy services that benefits you and your business best.

With support and hassle-free management of your business gas and electricity, our aim is to compare energy providers and find the best rates that will not only reduce your energy overheads, but ensure you’re making the most of the tariffs and services available to you.

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We’ll take care of it all. From dealing with energy suppliers to negotiating contract options, simply grab your bill, fill in our ‘get a quote’ form and select from a number of options that our skilled energy experts have provided.

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About us

UK Energy Bureau is an impartial business energy comparison service based in Leicestershire. Set up in 2016, our founders have over 30 year’s experience between them within the energy services industry. Seeing an opportunity to offer businesses a real alternative in this sector, fantastic rates and first-class customer service, UK Energy Bureau was created.


If you’ve got questions about commercial energy, we’ve got the answers. Below are some of the more common questions about our products and services. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us on 0800 130 3412 where we’ll be only too happy to answer your particular query.

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Which suppliers do Energy Bureau compare to get the best rates?

When looking for the best commercial energy rates for your business, we use our close-knit supplier relationships to find the best deals possible. 

It’s so easy to switch, and you can choose between 1-, 2- and 3-year contracts.

So why not let our experts take care of it for you? All we need is your postcode and we can have your info to hand and a quote ready in seconds.

What is a Letter of Authority?

A Letter of Authority (LOA) is a legal document that enables your business to switch from one energy company to another. Having negotiated a fantastic new rate from a new supplier, this form enables us to act on your behalf so that we can liaise with the suppliers and handle the switchover. It is also used in the termination of current agreements.

How do I switch business energy supplier?

With copies of your most recent business utility bills to hand, contact an Energy Bureau team member by either completing an online enquiry, calling 0800 130 3412 or emailing us at:

In no time, our team will quickly be able to provide you with impartial comparisons for you to choose the best deal for your business.

Having chosen you’re preferred deal and supplier, we’ll organise all of the paperwork and make the switch on your behalf.

I need to renew my business energy contract – will my current supplier be the cheapest?

Not necessarily. We’ll search the market to find out which suppliers are offering the best deals relevant to your business. The choice is then yours as to whether to switch or stay. 

How often do business energy prices change?

As the energy market constantly changes, therefore so do suppliers’ prices.

What is a fixed business energy tariff?

The friendly option for those looking for a bit more financial stability as prices remain the same throughout the agreed duration of the contract. This style of tariff makes budgeting and financial forecasting easier – ideal for SME’s or those with less financial autonomy.

The disadvantage of this type of contract is that if the energy market becomes cheaper, you won’t benefit from the savings – until your fixed agreement ends.

These contracts, although safer, tend to be more expensive as many suppliers’ charge slightly more per kilowatt hour as a contingency for market fluctuations.

What is a meter reference number MPAN/MRPN?

MPAN – Meter Point Administration Number (Electricity)

A 13-digit number to uniquely identify electricity supply points incl. business premises or home.

MPRN – Meter Point Reference Number (Gas)

Uniquely allocated number between 6 – 10 digits and required should you wish to change supplier or a first time connection to new premises.

To find out either of these numbers, call us and a member of the Energy Bureau team will assist you – 0800 130 3412.

Can UK Energy Bureau help my business if I am moving premises?

Absolutely. Whether it’s a new connection or negotiating new gas and electricity contracts, our team can make the move as easy as possible. To get started, call us on 0800 130 3412.

I have received an objection letter from my current supplier, can you advise why this may be?

There are a few reasons why your current supplier may object to your new contract – an outstanding payment on your account could be one. If you’re unsure on what to do, call us on 0800 130 3412.

Can you advise if my termination notice has been accepted by my current supplier?

Yes. We’ll inform you when your new contract has been processed and accepted by the supplier.

Can you tell me if my contract has been accepted and when my supply is transferring over to the chosen supplier?

We’ll contact you when your new contract has been processed and then confirm your tariff transfer.

Are you able to confirm the rates I have agreed?

Absolutely. You’ll receive a welcome call once your contract is processed to confirm your rates and then we’ll keep you informed on what happens next. 

Is my current supplier the cheapest for my renewal or can you search the market for me?

It’s our job to make sure you’re getting the best rates available. Once you’re an UK Energy Bureau customer we compare suppliers for you, year after year – continually giving you advice and assistance so you can make informed decisions on the right tariffs for your business.

What advantage do I have renewing so early (some suppliers will allow you to renew up to a year in advance)?

Unfortunately, it’s not often we see energy prices go down. However, it’s possible to lock down prices and beat rises by choosing new business energy and utility contracts with Energy Bureau up to six months in advance.

Management of corporate and large consumption accounts?

Please contact our corporate team for more information. With this service, you will receive free bill validation and specialist account management tailored to the needs of your business. In order to achieve the best pricing, corporate accounts undergo a lengthy process due to the many variables, such as KVA charges. To contact our team, please fill out our form or call 0800 130 3412.

How long will it take to switch my business energy contract?

If you’re not in a contract, 4 – 6 weeks to move to another supplier. Not moving? It’ll take a little less to get your new rates up and running. We’ll handle all of this for you and only contact you if there’s a problem with the transfer. Your existing contract will move seamlessly into the new one so no need to worry about being cut off during the switch over. We’ll let you know by email/ phone when your new contract goes live.

What are the most energy-intensive UK businesses?

In the UK, our domestic energy use accounts for only one-quarter of total energy consumption. Business energy and transport energy make up the remaining three-quarters. Here are the most energy-consuming sectors and the utility sources they use:

Which method is used to measure energy?

Business energy sectors will be compared using the ‘KTOE’ unit, which means ‘kilotonne of oil equivalent’. A report published by the Office of National Statistics in July 2018 contains all the information.

The results

– Private offices – 3,539 ktoe

– Chemical manufacturing – 2,874 ktoe

– Hospitality – 2,458 ktoe

– Food products manufacturing – 2,242 ktoe

– Hospitals – 2,237 ktoe

– Non-metallic mineral manufacturing 1,924 ktoe

– Basic metals manufacturing – 1,489 ktoe

– Rubber and plastic manufacturing – 1,442 ktoe

– Small shops – 1,376 ktoe

– Paper products manufacturing – 1,297 ktoe

According to the results, the use of small machines is less energy efficient than the use of large, industrial machines. Among the most energy-intensive office equipment are computers, photocopiers, network hubs, projectors, and phones, while making paper to stock these offices consumes the least. Due to its intense heat requirements, chemical processing ranks high on the list, while simpler industrial processes like rubber are significantly less energy-intensive. UK energy prices have a large impact on the country’s consumption, even for small businesses.

What is a rollover contract?

When your energy contract comes to an end and you don’t actively renew it, your supplier will automatically do it on your behalf – this is known as a rollover. In this situation, the price may increase without notification. You will often pay higher rates on a rollover tariff.

How do I stop a rollover contract from happening?

Find a better deal whilst in your renewal time frame so you can switch to a better deal rather than see your rates increase. As an UK Energy Bureau customer, we’ll do all this on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about any rate rise surprises. During the renewal time frame we’ll call you to remind you to renew and secure that better deal.

What is the advantage of signing a longer term energy contract?

Your business is immune from price hikes and rises. This is a great way to safeguard your businesses’ utility and energy prices for longer.

I have another query. How can I get in touch with your customer service team?

We’re committed to resolving any of your business energy queries within 24hrs. You can contact us via:

Telephone: 0800 130 3412


In writing: Morgan Reach House, 136 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, England, B16 9NX

What are the benefits of comparing business energy prices?

Cost comparison for business energy is a time-consuming process. It is difficult to arrange the best deal for your business if you don’t have the correct contacts and knowledge. If you search online, you may find generic offers that are not up-to-date with comparison sites. You may encounter problems later if your energy tariff is not tailored to your business. By speaking with our account managers, we can ensure that you get the best commercial energy deal.

When it comes to powering my business, why should I choose Energy Bureau?

The majority of our customers tell us that time is a precious commodity and that running a business is challenging. The process of researching, negotiating, and agreeing on the best energy contracts with suppliers can take a lot of time and effort. Energy Bureau’s extensive research allows us to analyse the energy market for competitive prices due to the depth and breadth of our research. We have access to bespoke energy offers and savings due to our “Premier” status and strong relationships.

Allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business.

It seems that there are many companies that offer similar services?

In the current market, there are many third-party intermediaries serving customers to get the most competitive energy contracts. The options for Brokers and Consultants can be overwhelming, but at Energy Bureau, we believe our customers know best and their opinion matters most. According to Trustpilot, an independent customer review platform, we currently rank in the top percentile of satisfied customers within our market with a score of 4.9 (out of 5). As a result of our Premier status, our suppliers endorse our approach.

Is it possible to get cheap business energy deals?

Prices for business energy are constantly changing and generally rising. Energy prices have increased across the board by around 15% since 2016. You will be able to save money for your business by using an energy broker that has access to the best, live prices. In an effort to find the most competitive business energy deal, some companies sign contracts with suppliers that can cause them problems in the future. Therefore, the cheap offer is no longer cheap! By accessing a broker’s knowledge of the sector, you can ensure that your business energy is safely tied in.

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